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10% of all U.S. bankruptcies are filed "pro se" (representing oneself) offers the best online bankruptcy software product at the lowest price. Six DIY BANKRUPTCY SOFTWARE packages to choose from, (three each for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13) starting at only $44! DON'T PAY A LAWYER for a typical bankruptcy when EZBankruptcyForms BANKRUPTCY SOFTWARE greatly simplifies your Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy paperwork for as little as $44.

Filing bankruptcy on your own is overwhelming without a solid starting point. Please review our free "Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer" tutorials, with links on the left of this page, to get an initial sense of what to expect.

Our mission is to give you enough understanding of the bankruptcy process for free so that you can use our software as a useful tool in completing your bankruptcy forms for as little as $44. The hardest hurdle in the bankruptcy process is completing the bankruptcy forms accurately. The forms provided on the government website are non-savable, do not auto-populate or auto-calculate, and will take days to complete. Bankruptcy lawyers take advantage of this, and charge up to $3000 to use their "bankruptcy made easy" software. With EZBankruptcyForms bankruptcy software, you should be able to complete the paperwork without a lawyer within 4-5 hours.

Be aware that EVEN IF YOU HIRE A LAWYER, you will personally be responsible for passing your credit counseling and debtor education courses, passing your "Means Test", filling out your bankruptcy forms yourself, providing the bankruptcy court with personal financial information (such as paystubs and tax returns), and personally attending your Meeting of Creditors.
There are two types of bankruptcy for consumers. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is where an individual attepmts to have ALL debts discharged (wiped out) and the case will generally last 100 days. To qualify for Chapter 7 you must fill out a government questionaire (14 questions) about your family size and income which we have simplified on our FREE MEANS TEST link. If you do not qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 would be your only option.

Chapter 13 reduces debt through a debt-repayment plan, and the case will last 3 to 5 years. Chapter 13 can be a good solution for people who need time to pay off certain debts and who have enough income to meet the Chapter 13 requirements. If you are facing foreclosure on your home,Chapter 13 provides a powerful remedy. You can keep your home by proposing a feasible repayment plan that includes your missed payments, as long as you stay current on your mortgage.
BANKRUPTCY ITEMEZBankruptcyForms.comBankruptcy Lawyer
Average Cost
Under $50
$1400 - $3000 *
Bankruptcy Tutorial Provided
Complete forms by yourself, using
auto-calculating software with
Local Rules Included
Can prepare ENTIRELY from home
Chapter 7 Court Fee Waiver Eligible
e-File available **
Chapter 7 success rate over 99%
* A lawyer will typically charge around $1400 for a Chapter 7 and $3000 for a Chapter 13 case.
** Using our software, you can prepare your case entirely at home, but must physically go to your local bankruptcy court to file the paperwork. When using a lawyer, you submit the paperwork to him/her, and it is efiled from the attorney's office. provides SIX Bankruptcy Software packages based on the Chapter and complexity of your particular bankruptcy starting at just $44.

EZBankruptcyForms online bankruptcy package looks EXACTLY like the forms you will be submitting to the bankruptcy court, and is completely downloadable to your computer with no .exe files to install. If can view the "Means Test" described above, you already have all the tools installed to begin. EZBankruptcyForms gives you the ability to start on your bankruptcy forms one day, save at any time, and complete the forms at a later date for as little as $44.

We feel that once you've read our tutorials and filled out the paperwork using EZBankruptcyForms."Bankruptcy Software for Consumers", you will feel very comfortable in representing yourself in bankruptcy. With that said, we provide a backup plan.

There are thousands of free bankruptcy legal centers available throughout the country to low income "pro se" bankruptcy filers. "LIKE" OUR FACEBOOK PAGE and post the specific city you will be filing in on that page, and we will post the available dates and times for the free bankruptcy clinic in your area, where you can have your completed paperwork reviewed by a lawyer, for free.




Basic $44
Up to 52 Creditors

Extended $47.50
Up to 82 Creditors

ULTRA $54.95
Up to 82 Creditors
INCLUDES Legal eBook

13-Basic $44
Up to 52 Creditors

13-Extended $47.50
Up to 82 Creditors

13-ULTRA $54.95
Up to 82 Creditors
INCLUDES Legal eBook

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