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1415 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA. Phone: 805-884-4800
"Debtors receive a discharge in more than 99 percent of chapter 7 cases"
- U.S Department of Justice

Free Santa Barbara Bankruptcy Lawyer Qualification
The average Santa Barbara Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer fee of $1400 can be avoided when you can have the bankruptcy forms completed for as little as $44 from EZBankruptcyForms and qualify for free bankruptcy legal help in Santa Barbara.

Whether or not you use a lawyer, there will come a time when YOU will have to fill out your bankruptcy paperwork on your own (your lawyer doesn't know the answer to several questions like how many people are in your household, for example) and EZBankrutpcyForms BANKRUPTCY SOFTWARE will give you accurate results and save you a lot of time. File those bankruptcy forms in person at the Santa Barbara bankruptcy court, then contact Santa Barbara Legal Aid Foundation, 301 E. Canon Perdido Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Telephone: (805) 963-6754 (not the same address as the bankruptcy court).

Santa Barbara Legal Aid Foundation is free and for low income individuals who have already filed for bankruptcy to receive free bankruptcy volunteer legal services. The lawyer does not represent you in your bankruptcy case, and in most cases the help is limited to reviewing your bankruptcy paperwork for accuracy.

The Santa Barbara Bankruptcy Court is part of the California Central Bankruptcy District.

WHILE WE CONTEND THAT EZBankrutpcyForms BANKRUPTCY WITHOUT A LAWYER TUTORIAL will simplify things to the point where you don't need a Goleta Bankruptcy Lawyer, it is always best to have the resources available as a backup.

Santa Barbara Legal Aid Foundation was created for you—USE IT!

If you "LIKE" OUR FACEBOOK PAGE and post your request, we can also research other means of free legal advice available. Use EZBankruptcyForms bankruptcy software to complete your bankruptcy forms and QUALIFY FOR FREE BANKRUPTCY HELP with Santa Barbara Legal Aid Foundation to receive a successful bankruptcy discharge for as little as $44.

I appreciate a company like yours being around to simplify the bankruptcy paperwork. I contacted the Santa Barbara Legal Aid Foundation, and they were able to review my completed forms for accuracy. Four months later, my debts were discharged! - Alan H., Santa Barbara, CA