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File your paperwork here if filing without an Inland Empire bankruptcy lawyer.
inland empire  bankruptcy lawyer
California Central Bankruptcy Court, 3420 Twelfth Street Riverside CA
Phone: 951- 774-1000
10% of all United States bankruptcies are filed "pro se" (representing oneself)

San Bernadino County Attorney Quality Bankruptcy

Your option to a discount Inland Empire bankruptcy lawyer is SIX San Bernadino County bankruptcy software packages to choose from, (three each for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13) starting at only $44!
San Bernadino Bankruptcy Lawyer Alternative
A San Bernadino County Bankruptcy Lawyer is proving to be more of a convenience than a necessity becuase of bankruptcy software from This page shows you WHERE to file your bankruptcy paperwork in lieu of using an Inland Empire Bankruptcy Attorney.

A SAN BERNADINO BANKRUPTCY LAWYER provides guidance to a successful bankruptcy discharge. Our Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer tutorial will show you HOW to file for bankruptcy, for free, making the service of an Inland Empire Bankruptcy Lawyer highly overvalued.

You CAN do this, without a Bankruptcy Attorney from the Inland Empire. Our bankruptcy software simplifies the bankruptcy paperwork down to a managable 4-5 hours.

A SAN BERNADINO BANKRUPTCY LAWYER has the ability to e-file your bankruptcy paperwork. An individual does not. However, if you can make one extra trip to the Riverside Bankruptcy Court, you can save over $1300 on your bankruptcy.

Attorney Quality Bankruptcy

rancho cucamonga bankruptcy attorney provides the software to complete your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing properly.

I couldn't have imagined this process could be done without an attorney. Your do it yourself bankruptcy software made it extremely easy to present my case. The paperwork went through the first time and the court was impressed. I followed your Chapter 7 bankruptcy tutorial and my debts were discharged in under four months. - Dave M., Palm Desert, CA
Bankruptcy is a Federal Law, with a few jurisdictional (local) exceptions interspersed.'s bankruptcy software is fully qualified for use in San Bernadino County, where many people are unable to afford the legal services of an attorney in order to obtain a successful bankruptcy discharge. We feel that it is in the public interest to make available inexpensive legal resources (legal documents and legal forms) to enable all people to represent themselves in their bankruptcy.
fontana bankruptcy lawyer
"Debtors receive a discharge in more than 99 percent of chapter 7 cases"
- U.S Department of Justice

SAN BERNADINO COUNTY BANKRUPTCY LAWYER alternative for all of the INLAND EMPIRE - Chapter 7 & Chapter 13.



Basic $44
Up to 52 Creditors

Extended $47.50
Up to 82 Creditors

ULTRA $54.95
Up to 82 Creditors
INCLUDES Legal eBook

inland empire bankruptcy lawyer
13-Basic $44
Up to 52 Creditors

13-Extended $47.50
Up to 82 Creditors

13-ULTRA $54.95
Up to 82 Creditors
INCLUDES Legal eBook

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